Ryno Micro-cycle

The Ryno Micro-cycle

Are two wheels better than one? Maybe not with theRyno-Micro-Cycle
Ryno Micro-cycle. Right out of a science fiction movie or a video game, this one wheeled electric bike is a head turner everywhere it goes.

Just Where CAN it go?

The Ryno Micro-cycle can go anywhere a person can walk or ride a bicycle. It has a maximum speed of ten miles per hour. The developer rode it on sidewalks, took it on commuter trains, and even drove it into hotel lobbies and elevevators.

But is it legal?

There are no exclusions at the state level, but you might want to check your local municipality.
New York City would be a good example where you might want to look before you leap.

How does the Ryno Micro-cycle work?

The Ryno uses motion-sensors similar to the sedgeway. It reacts to input from the rider.
Lean forward to go and lean back to stop. Gyroscopes keep it upright and it will correct
for the sins of the rider.

How fast and how far can it got?

The Rino Micro-cycle has a top speed of ten miles
per hour and a range of ten miles

Is it hard to ride?

There is a learning curve, but everything you
learned riding a bicycle will apply and in no time
you will be riding like a pro. You look and lean
into a turn just like on a scooter. When you stop
just sit upright

Will it take off?

I am sure it will be popular with companies where workers cover large distances. Security on a University campus or in a hospital for example. The Ryno Micro-cycle is pricey at over 5,000 dollars so I suspect that it will have limited penetration into the consumer market. While you can add panniers to the Ryno, I don’t believe it
will have the cargo capacity of a standard bicycle, and I certainly don’t see it towing a trailer. But I could be wrong.

But what about the wow factor.

The Rino-microcycle is definitely has cornered the cool factor. I would want to play with one for that one reason alone. Having said that, it will be really difficult to cruise the boardwalk on one of these looking to pick up chicks. Getting them on it won’t be a problem, getting it back might be another matter… Ryno Motors